FindYourStrategy’s mission is to help educate high-income individuals achieve their wealth goals by partnering them with effective and proven real estate investment strategies.

David Capra
Founder & Managing Partner

Our Strategy


We begin with an in-depth review of your goals and objectives. Our team will map out your unique goals, then we will construct a customized plan to integrate your goals into the FindYourStrategy process.

Risk Management

We understand that your hard-earned money is precious. That is why our team is here to ensure that the pursuit of returns is always risk-adjusted.

Strategy Development

The main objective of our educational services is to help you achieve your wealth goals while minimizing risk. We will work to hard construct a customized approach that aligns with your investment goals and needs. We partner with you to create targeted portfolios to include balanced and passive real estate investment strategies.

Progress Review

After completing all the necessary planning steps required to ensure that you are on the best path, we schedule progress reviews to continuously evaluate progress to ensure all partners are satisfied. Routine follow-ups are an important part of keeping you on track and progressing towards your goals.

Want To Learn More About Our Projects?

The Discovery process

You Schedule

A one on one complementary 30-minute call to have a better understanding of your wealth goals and objectives.

We Meet

To have in-depth discussion and learn how to integrate your personal goals in the FindYourStrategy process.

You Build

Your personal Strategy with full access to our team’s combined 30 years of expertise and proven real estate investment systems.

We Partner

Together to execute on the process to help you FindYourStrategy.