“I’m Dreaming’ of a COVID Free Christmas (and 2021)”

Well, fair to say, I think, that 2020 has been just horrible, right?  Mostly shut-in. City side lock downs.  Masks everywhere I go. No sports. No public entertainment. No sports events. No travel. All I can say is: YUCK.

It’s clearly a bit of a pipe dream to think about a COVID free Christmas, but I’m really looking forward to a relatively normal return to life as 2021 passes.  As I sit here, I’m reminiscing about what life was like pre-Covid and dreaming about the things I want to do when life returns to normal.  Here’s a couple of my thoughts:

First, I’m gonna host a pool party!  Have all those friends and colleagues I’ve only seen by screen, in person.  We can compare how big our guts got after sitting at home for so long! We’ll enjoy a good barbecue, responsibly sip on some local ice cold microbrew beers, swim in the pool and just plain ole enjoy good conversation and company.

Second, I’m going to book some flights to visit our real estate projects in Philadelphia.  Yep, we’ve been fortunate to work with great partners in Philly who have done some amazing virtual tours of our projects.  But, there’s nothing like walking the streets of this amazing city to see in person how we are transforming neighbourhoods.

The best part is, I’ll be certainly inviting investors to join Mat and I in Philly.  We haven’t hosted an in-person tour in over a year now.  We did an amazing virtual tour last month, but I’m really missing the second part of the tour… dining and fun.  When we get back to Philly with our investors, I’m looking forward to spending the day touring around the neighbourhoods we work in, and then organizing a meal out at a local restaurant.  Then going for a night out of entertainment.  Usually we go to some sporting events… always something going on in the city!

Get back to Philadelphia is going to be particularly important in 2021.  Despite COVID, we have actually accomplished a significant amount of work.  In 2021, Mat and I are working closely with our partners and investors with an eye to having a record year in terms of projects completed.  So, I wanna be there to see them!!!  Have I ever mentioned how cool it is to walk down the street and point to more and more beautiful structures and be able to say, “Hey, I was part of that project!”

Third… travel!  Yeah, I’d like to take my family somewhere warm and spend lots of time sittin’ on the beach and soaking up some rays.  But, even with relaxation comes a bit of work.  My dream is to scout out new potential locales for real estate investing?  Vacation properties in Mexico, maybe? Hotels in Florida, perhaps? Who knows!?  But, the beauty of real estate investing is you get to dream.  And, when you have amazing partners, you can dream big and make dreams a reality!

David Capra

The Wealthy Lawyer