Real estate is a team sport and we’re all about creating real estate partnerships that are founded on these key principles.

David Capra

B.A.(Hons), M.P.A., LL.B

Co-founder and Managing Partner

David is a lawyer by profession, having attended law school at the University of Western Ontario. After graduating law school, David articled at a large national law firm in Toronto. Wanting to focus on having some work/life balance, David and his wife moved back to Ottawa; his hometown. David started as an associate lawyer with a large Ottawa law firm and worked his way up to become a partner. He is now the managing partner of the same firm.

Wealth, for David, has always been more than just money. It is about achieving self-satisfaction in all facets of his life, from spending time with friends and family, having time to travel and explore the world, having a good income so as to never feel wanted in anything, and yes, indeed, a plan for a comfortable retirement.

Now Dave is building a community of wealth-minded lawyers to share his passion for real estate investing. Dave recognized lawyers spend so much time and money growing their practices and their incomes but never learn how to invest it for the long term and end up retiring with way less than they expected. If you are in the legal industry, please click below to learn about the FindYourStrategy process specifically tailored to lawyers!

Mathieu Laquerre

Co-founder and Managing Partner

Mathieu is a native of Ottawa, Canada. After all these years, this is still his home and the place where he is raising his family.

Throughout his career, Mathieu has always held jobs where sought to maximize his clients’ “bang for their buck”. Like the old saying, “a happy customer is a repeat customer.” Mathieu has a keen ability to build strong and lasting relationships with friends, customers and business partners because of the honesty and integrity that he brings to every aspect of his life.

People who know Mathieu would describe him as a serial entrepreneur. He is always thinking and trying to find creative new ways to do old things. And, he is always eager to share his thoughts and ideas with anybody who wants to listen.

Mathieu is the founder and senior advisor of Find Your Strategy and Mada Partners that has been helping high income earners generate wealth using real estate since 2015. Since his mid 20 he’s been investing in real estate. After spending nearly 15 years working in sales and having multiple side hustles Mathieu is a true entrepreneur that is now responsible for the day to day operations, global sales and marketing activities.

Mateo Bramwell


Mateo has a passion for combining his entrepreneurial spirit and his love of real estate with modern technology. He moved to Canada at the age of 13 from a small South American country and graduated with honors from the Business Management and Entrepreneurship program at Algonquin College.

Currently, he adds tremendous value to our organization by implementing state-of-the-art technologies to bring FindYourStrategy and its partners into the forefront of the Canadian real estate investing industry. Mateo is constantly working hard to learn and grow and he has been instrumental in developing and scaling the FindYourStrategy brand. He continues to work tirelessly to help educate high income earners to harness the power of real estate.